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Programs and Fees

Success Performance Training(SPT)

Designed to develop technique, speed, strength and endurance in athletes. SPT encourages and develops athletic talents and natural skills while nurturing a spirit of confidence and excellence.

Payment Options

Registration Fee



Athlete Training Fees

$35 per session* 

$250 per month 

$350 per month 

$450 per month 

1 hour 30 minutes minimum

2 days a week

3 days a week

4 days a week 

Family Health and Fitness (non-Athlete)

Family Health & Fitness is centered around teaching basic nutrition and healthy everyday habits that will produce weight loss, muscle building and toning, higher energy levels, and a positive self image.

(Includes sessions, diet plan, and an ESPA gift!!!)

Registration Fee


Individual Training Fees

$35 per session

$125 per month

$225 per month 

$275 per month  

1 hour 

Tele/Virtual Flex sessions (2 days)

2 days a week

3 days a week

Group rates

1 hr- 1 hr 30 min per session

$500 per month

2 days a week

5-10 clients  ($20 per additional person)

Coming Soon!!!

Online Couples Training

Registration fee                                           NO Registration Fee

$25 per session                                                     20-30 min

Office Hours:

Mon -Friday: 7AM - 7PM

Saturday: By Appointment Only

Sunday- Closed

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