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ESPA was initially established in 2007 and formally named Endless Success Y.E.S, a youth program located in Little Rock, Arkansas. This service gave young teens assistance with positive guidance, character building, spiritual guidance and college preparation. Students in this program set educational goal of graduating high school and going on to college. 90 percent of the students enrolled in the 2007 program have reached this goal. ESPA uses similar components to increase students chance to succeed on the next level of education.

ESPA's Success Performance Training(SPT) provides endless knowledge to fitness and athletic training. It is designed to develop talent and natural skill in athletes while nurturing a spirit of confidence and excellence. The primary goals are to encourage athletic achievement and produce scholarship opportunities for young athletes. As well as, help elite and professional athletes reach their highest potential through increased speed, strength and technique. In mastering these three attributes SPT participants will be able to succeed at the pinnacle of sports competitions

ESPA's Family Health & Fitness focuses on exactly that: creating healthy families. This program is centered around teaching basic nutrition and healthy everyday habits that will produce weight loss, muscle building and toning, higher energy levels, and a positive self image. Success Performance is not just for athletes. Health is something to be taken seriously by everyone, and having someone to help hold you accountable for it is a crucial part of reaching your goal.. A family that can help each other through a solid workout can help each other through anything!

ESPA's Home School Assistance Program is non-traditional and provides an alternative learning environment for families. It is designed for students who find the traditional classroom setting to be too fast, too slow, or too constraining. It gives individual hands on assistance to students and uses an award winning learning curriculum, accredited by AdvancED to assure academic excellence

Office Hours:

Mon -Friday: 7AM - 7PM

Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment Only

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