Success Performance Training - Academic & Athletic Excellence

Programs and Fees            
Success Performance Training(SPT)  
Designed to develop technique, speed, and strength in athletes. SPT encourages and develops athletic talents and natural skills while nurturing a spirit of confidence                                 and excellence.       
Payment Options
Registration Fee                              $25                                                       
Private Training Fees   
$35  per session*                     1 hour 30 minutes minimum 
$150 per month                            2 days a week 
$250 per month                            3 days a week    
$350 per month                            4 days a week 

Family Health and Fitness
Family Health & Fitness is centered around teaching basic nutrition and healthy everyday habits that will produce weight loss, muscle building and toning, higher energy levels, and a positive self image.
(Includes sessions, diet plan, and an ESPA gift!!!)

Registration Fee                             $25

Individual Training Fees        $30 per session       1 hr- 1 hr 30 min
                              $100 per month       2 days a week                                 $150 per month       3 days a week  

          Group rates                      
1 hr- 1 hr 30 min per session / 2 days a week
$500 per month                             5-9 athletes 
$700 per month                             10-15 athletes


Home School Assistance (k-12) &Jump Start Pre-K Program (age 3-5)
Designed to build a strong educational foundation for students by using an award winning online learning curriculum, accredited by AdvancED to assure academic excellence. Through our online curriculum and wonderful teaching support, students receive exceptional skills that will propel them into a higher level of education. 
$245 per month                                    2 days a week
$325 per month                                    3 days a week
$450 per month                                    4 days a week
$125 per week or $490 monthly                       5 days a week
Tutoring Program
Registration fee                                $25
$25 per session                                1hr   

Karate  & Self Defense *
Registration Fee      $25
$25 per session                                 $75 per month       2 days a week

*Texas Location Only       
Karate & Self Defense                 


Every quarter,  ESPA also offers a nonprofit classes for students ages 11-18. This service assist students with character building and college preparation. Motivational speakers speak to students and encourage them to reach positive goals!! These sessions are fee!! Event dates and 
locations will be listed on the upcoming events page.

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Office Hours:
Mon -Friday: 7AM - 6:30PM
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday- Closed

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